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The PISTA Institute is a core team of experts in the fields of human development, neuroscience, psychology, sports, and the science of sound. Its scientific research is focused on investigating aspects of brain science and exploring different techniques to improve an individual’s ability to resolve common human problems.

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Unlocking Transformation at PISTA Institute

The institute has a specialised support center that assists people with specific neurological needs and disorders. By employing data it has gathered from various empirical research studies over the past 45 years, the PISTA Institute provides tools for the effective management of the self during difficult experiences and life-changing events both in the past or present.


The PISTA modalities developed by the institute use different frequencies to facilitate the creation and recreation of neural pathways that allow for brain plasticity. As a result, you are able to identify and alter behaviors that pose challenges in managing your fears, relationships, self, and work.


The PISTA Institute's core objectives encompass multidisciplinary research, specialized support for neurological needs, and innovative modalities for enhancing brain plasticity.


The PISTA Institute employs a multifaceted approach, combining expertise from various fields such as sports science, innovative methodologies, extensive research findings, and specialized support to empower communities and partner institutions.


PISTA Institute's published research and articles cover diverse fields like human development, neuroscience, psychology, sports science, and sound science. 


The PISTA Institute is dedicated to providing support for the youth, elderly, under-served, and the indigent in different locations around the world. It aims to:

  • Provide clinical services for assessing and treating clients with emotional disturbances;

  • Teach and publish the MMP techniques developed by scientists, therapists and scholars in the mental health and personal development field;

  • Research and develop new methods for promoting effective treatment for those who suffer from different kinds of emotional problems;

  • Make a constructive and meaningful difference in the everyday lives of people affected by deprivation.

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In a recent French publication, the Nova Palm Foundation was highlighted for its innovative approach in utilizing sports and table tennis to aid elderly individuals grappling with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.


Introducing the groundbreaking work of the PISTA Institute in transforming mental health for adults, particularly in the realm of cognitive decline. With over 45 years of research expertise, the Institute explores the synergistic effects of sound, specifically binaural beats, and vibration technology through the innovative PISTA devices. By integrating these advancements into sports activities like table tennis, PISTA offers a holistic approach to preventing cognitive decline and managing symptoms of conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease among the elderly population.

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PISTA Table Tennis

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PISTA Table Tennis at St Joseph Home for the Aged

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PISTA Table Tennis for Parkinson's Disease Patients

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PISTA Table Tennis for Alzheimer's Disease Patients

Screenshot 2024-02-21 140006.png

PISTA Table Tennis for Professional Athletes Players

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PISTA Table Tennis for Children

PISTA Institute and Nova Palm Foundation

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PISTA Table Tennis at St Joseph Home for the Aged


Tender Heart Home Care Caregiver Workshop

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PISTA Devices Donation to Pay Love Forward

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PISTA Activities for Elderlies at Elderly Home Care

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PISTA Training for Parents on Children Development

Mission and Vision





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South America:

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Be a Licensed PISTA Practitioner

If you aspire to become a certified PISTA practitioner, you have the valuable opportunity to enroll in our program at no cost, particularly if you are a student holding a postgraduate degree in psychology. The comprehensive training program extends over a duration of three years, ensuring a thorough and well-rounded education. Additionally, for those seeking financial support, we offer potential funding options through our institute and foundation. Members of our institute or affiliated universities can apply for tuition-free learning, while those not associated with these institutions may embark on a five-year training journey, provided they lack a Ph.D. As program graduates, individuals may explore avenues such as licensing through the institute or engaging as facilitators. They will undergo training under the guidance of a dedicated coach who will mentor them in the art of facilitating direct work. Furthermore, graduates are encouraged to extend their reach by inviting individuals to join our global volunteer group, contributing to endeavors such as supporting elderly care homes and other noble causes. This program presents a diverse range of opportunities for aspiring PISTA practitioners, making it accessible and adaptable to various career paths and financial circumstances.

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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey with the PISTA Program? We provide a range of flexible options for accessing the PISTA Device, ensuring that you can tailor your experience to your unique needs. Whether you choose to borrow the device or make it your own, we offer straightforward pricing options. Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond the device itself—we also offer a comprehensive training program to maximize your benefits.


Over the course of its history, spanning several years of dedicated research and expertise, the PISTA Institute has achieved the significant milestone of authoring and publishing three impactful books. These publications stand as a testament to the institute's commitment to knowledge dissemination and its contribution to the fields of human development, neuroscience, and psychology. Each of these books encapsulates the institute's accumulated wisdom and insights, making valuable contributions to the broader academic and research community, as well as to individuals seeking to enhance their understanding and well-being.

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