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Nova Palm Foundation was established in 1979, is a private and non-profit organization committed to long-term, systematic, research and experience-based solutions derived from research and development. It also engages in evaluation, information provision, technical assistance, and professional development.

Nova Palm Foundation is the principle donor of the PISTA Institute, a member of the Nova Palm Group. Taking an investment approach to grant making, we funded charity organizations in which we feel we can make an add strong and lasting measurable value. We support strategic initiatives that enable charitable organizations to reach new levels of achievement. Grants are intended to strengthen the project for the purpose of achieving the highest standard of management and long-term sustainability.

The Nova Palm Foundation is governed by a group of trustees and is not reliant on external donations. Instead, it derives its financial support from a family trust established by the founder. Additionally, the foundation is supported by volunteers from around the world who contribute their time and expertise to further its mission.

For 45 years, PISTA Institute programs have supported youths, the elderly, the underserved and the poor.  PISTA Institute helps people to take control of their lives by learning about their problems. The Institute believes that answers to the problems of people can only be generated through research and educational programs and it is committed to supporting such activities. Professionals and lay people with high levels of awareness and training in mental health issues are essential to bring about change, end discrimination, and promote good mental health for all. We provide high quality information and advice and we run a variety of conferences and training programs throughout the year.

Nova Palm Foundation defined a number of objectives for itself when it was first established, and these remained our guiding principles.

  1. To provide clinical services for assessing and treating clients with emotional disturbances.

  2. To teach and publish the techniques developed by the Foundation by working closely with scientists, therapists and scholars in the mental health and personal development field.

  3. To research and develop new methods for promoting effective treatment for sufferers of different kinds of emotional problems.

  4. To make a positive and meaningful difference in the everyday lives of people affected by poverty and deprivation.

The primary efforts of the PISTA Institute program in learning enhancement are in five program areas: improving school performance, strengthening teaching and learning in content areas, integrating technology into teaching and learning, involving family and community in student learning, and connecting research findings into practice. Work in these areas concentrates on individuals, the young, the elderly, the underserved community, and particularly those living in poverty.

Individuals sometimes need practical support, sometimes they need an understanding listener. Our carers are equipped with relevant skills and background to both support and guide. Life events, especially early ones, affect not only the trajectory of an individual's life but also his memory system and topographic structure of the mind.

Nova Palm Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling its mission with other educators on a local, regional and international basis through diverse cooperation in partnerships with other NGOs.

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