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The PISTA Institute has accomplished a remarkable feat by authoring and publishing three books. These publications reflect the institute's unwavering dedication to sharing knowledge and advancing the fields of human development, neuroscience, and psychology. Each of these books serves as a repository of the institute's accumulated wisdom and valuable insights, offering substantial contributions to both the wider academic and research communities, as well as individuals seeking to deepen their understanding and improve their overall well-being.

To Mind and Mend: How the PISTA Method Heals and Improves Living

To Mind and Mend introduces PISTA Therapy, the way to train the mind to become your tool in gaining self-esteem, overcoming anxiety and arresting fears. Discover inner strength and learn how to use it to achieve life goals, enhance learning, handle physical and emotional pain, and manage various behaviour and psychological disorders. Once you've learned to mind and mend, you stay resilient and strong, always ready for any life challenge.

From Well-Looking to Well-Being: 18 Testimonials on Emotions That Keep You Inspired

Another transformative book from the PISTA emotional health experts, From Well-Looking to Well-Being unfolds powerful stories of people who were once vulnerable to their emotions, but who are now stronger with a renewed acceptance of themselves within different life situations. The chapters resonate and explore our dreams and disappointments, fear of losing love and purpose, and struggle to be productive and to keep up with the demands of today's digital lifestyles. Each storyteller attests that, through the PISTA method, they learned that self-acceptance and having sound well-being is more important than looking good and meeting others' expectations.

PISTA: An Approach to Assist Persons with Cognitive Decline

This book will introduce the PISTA (Processing Inner Strength towards Actualization), a methodology that can help people suffering from cognitive decline and memory problems. For the last 45 years, the ongoing PISTA research has created PISTA programs to support children, teenagers, adults, and senior citizens. PISTA will also help us to understand what we can do to help ourselves. While PISTA cannot change or stop the brain’s natural changes, this method can help manage the controllable factors of cognitive decline. PISTA therapy includes strategies that help improve our thinking, decision-making ability, and memory through brain training using the PISTA sound tool and specific activities facilitated by a PISTA coach.


PISTA as A Sound-Based Therapeutic Approach to Help Address Psychosocial Distress Among Older Adults


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