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Image by Clément Falize

Maintaining Cognitive Function
through engaging activities

Engaging activities to stimulate cognitive function:

  • Playing ping-pong to enhance hand-eye coordination and concentration

  • Doing exercises to build strong physical body

  • Engaging in social activities to promote social interaction

In addition to the engaging activities and innovative therapies we provide, we have a team of dedicated medical professionals who specialize in assessing the elderly individuals with dementia.

  • These professionals play a crucial role in our program, conducting thorough cognitive tests, physical evaluations, and managing medications.

  • By collaborating with our medical professionals, we aim to comprehensively address the challenges associated with dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

The Power of AI and Emotional Connection

  • By incorporating Virtual Reality (VR) and AI, we employ advanced techniques to restore memories in areas affected by memory loss.

  • Through VR simulations and AI algorithms, we facilitate memory recall and create meaningful experiences.

As a result, we witness a transformation from a poker face to a smiling face, reflecting the positive impact of our approach on emotional expression and overall well-being.

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