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Join us to become a PISTA Licensed Practitioner

If you're interested in becoming a PISTA Practitioner, please complete the form below, and we will promptly respond to your inquiries.

  1. Enrollment Opportunity: Aspiring PISTA practitioners have the opportunity to enroll in the program at no cost, especially if they are students with a postgraduate degree in psychology.

  2. Training Duration: The training program spans a duration of three years.

  3. Funding Options: Potential funding options are available through your institute and foundation, which can help cover the costs of training.

  4. Free Tuition for Institute/University Members: Those who belong to the institute or universities can apply for free tuition and learning.

  5. Payment for Non-Institute/University Members: Individuals who are not affiliated with an institute or university may need to pay for five years of training if they do not have a Ph.D.

  6. Licensing and Facilitation: Graduates of the program may have the opportunity to be licensed by the institute or work as facilitators. They will receive training from a coach and may also be introduced to coaching.

  7. Volunteer Opportunities: Graduates are encouraged to invite people to join a worldwide volunteer group, which appears to be focused on supporting old age homes and related initiatives.

Are you a PH.D Graduate?

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