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A Guide for Parents on Children Development Training with PISTA

About The Program

In a bid to support parents in understanding children's development and addressing special educational needs (SEN), Tung Chung Catholic School in Hong Kong recently hosted a transformative training session led by PISTA professionals Mable Tsang and Kerry Ann Edge. The event aimed to equip parents with valuable insights into children's learning behavior, leveraging PISTA's groundbreaking research spanning over 45 years in the realms of sound, vibrations, and brain science.

PISTA offers a unique perspective on nurturing children's potential. Through a combination of evidence-based practices and practical strategies, parents were provided with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the complexities of children's growth and learning.

  • Understanding Children's Developmental Milestones

  • Creating a Supportive Home Environment

  • Observational Skills for Parents

  • Effective Communication Strategies

  • Patience in Nurturing Children's Abilities

  • Addressing the Unique Learning Needs of Children with SEN

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Mable Tsang and Kerry Ann Edge, both seasoned PISTA professionals, led a transformative training session at Tung Chung Catholic School.


Tsang, with her expertise in children's coaching, emphasized the importance of fostering a supportive home environment and understanding developmental milestones. Meanwhile, Edge, provided practical strategies for addressing the unique needs of children with SEN. Through interactive sessions and real-life case studies, parents gained valuable insights and confidence to advocate effectively for their children's educational requirements.

Central to the training was PISTA's pioneering research on utilizing sounds, vibrations, and insights from brain science to enhance children's learning experiences. By understanding the intricate connections between sensory stimuli and cognitive development, parents gained valuable insights into optimizing their child's learning environment both at home and in educational settings.

The training underscored the importance of collaboration between parents, educators, and professionals in supporting children's holistic development. By fostering a deeper understanding of children's needs and capabilities, participants emerged equipped with the tools to create nurturing and inclusive environments where every child can thrive.

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